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BitFortunate.com - Buy One Slice, Get Whole Prize

BitFortunate is an ecommerce platform based on cryptocurrency BSL and drawing lottery. The products are evaluated and sold on the website with various values in term of multiple lottery numbers. BitFortunate allows user to use BSL to buy lottery number(s) according to each product and get the chance to win for the product when the drawing is announced. The exchange rate of BSL and lotto price might be different during each selling period. The more lottery the customers buy-in, the more opportunities they can win that product with lower its original price. The robust system and reliable mechanism base on total timing of last 50 transaction that help BitFortunate determines the lucky number and make it transparent to customers. The blockchain technology ensures the security BitFortunate generation together with all the blockchain process in the system automatically. Flexible system allows the prizes be ordered from Amazon, eBay, etc. and delivered to the winner's address accordingly otherwise, customer can decide to get their product in term of BitFortunate instead.

How it works

BitSale is a priority internal mechanism for interaction on BitSale platform. Earnings form referral and motivational programs are paid in BitSale.

General Process

Customer starts to register for their accounts and link to their BSL wallets. They can choose their favorite products and use BSL As a digital currency to pay for lottery tickets accordingly. When all the all the tickets of that product are sold out, system will perform lucky draw and the customer who is having the winning code obviously get the product delivered.

The Key Benefits

BitSale is a priority internal mechanism for interaction on BitSale platform. Earnings from referral and motivational programs are paid in BitSale.

Three-level referral ICO

Lucky ticket referral program

Winner referral program for Lucky ticket

Crypto exchange referral program

Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform - WideDex

The founders of WideDex Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform started in-depth research on blockchain technology early in 2011 and successfully built WideDex technical architecture in 2013. With the reliable and extendable technical architecture in place, WideDex team stepped into cryptocurrency exchange business confidently in 2018, serving the industry and users with superior services and flexible operation strategies. The income of WideDex mainly comes from the fees of user trade and withdraw. We promise to keep the fee rate low.

When trading on the platform, it will cost both sellers and buyers a tiny amount of their trading cryptocurrency as trading fee. When withdrawing cryptocurrencies from the platform, it will cost users a tiny amount of their withdrawing cryptocurrency as withdrawal fee.

Premine - Distribution

Allocation of Funds (2018 - 2022)


Contribute to day-to-day operations of the project, making sure that every parts can run smoothly and the project can grows steadily.


The fund will be spent for marketing campaign, which helps to encourage stable community growth and release a competitive referral program. BSL will be promoted across multi-media channels to reach our target users.


Donate to develop BSL and support for our core team and community developers. Funds is divided for R&D team and will be liquidated as our project milestones are met.


A separate budget has been allocated for ensuring the Security Audits, both for the BSL and the Bitsale Platform.

Referral Program

The ICO multilevel referral program will provide you free coins for each referral contribution.

Bitfortunate Lucky Ticket & Winner Referral Program (3 Levels)

Winner Referral Program: The user can participate in promotions and draws which are present on the Bitsale platform. Any player that invite other players to the platform using his own link can receive up to 5% of the invited players' winning on a constant basis according to each level. Receip of winnings from a game with friends is governed by the following rules:

1% at level 1, you must have bought 1 ticket for the draw.
3% at level 2, you must have bought 3 tickets for the draw.
5% at level 3, you must have bought 7 tickets for the draw.

Thus, the player is interested in inviting other players, because every invited person will greatly motivate the promotion benefit for the player.

WideDex Referral Program

The commission you receive from the referral program will initially be set at a rate of 20%.

The fee commission will be sent instantly in real-time to your WideDex account as your referee completes each trade and will be paid to you in whatever token/cryptocurrency the original fee was paid in.

There is no limit to the number of friends you can refer, although we do reserve the right to adjust or change the referral program rules at any time.

Using BSL to pay for fees(50% discount)

Bitsale Characteristics


Algorithm: X11


Coin Abbreviation: BSL

Maximum Coin Supply: 89.000.000

Total ICO Supply & Rewards: 8.740.000

Pow Block Reward: 2 BSL

Time Between Reward: 120 Seconds

PoS Minimum Staking Time: 1 Hour

PoS Maximum Staking Time: Unlimited

POS Monthly Interest: 3%

Bitsale Mining

With each block, you mined you will get 2 BitSale, you can decide to solo mining or pool mining, for more pool mining information, please reach us at website: pool.bitsale.co

Under the mining program, we can follow the 3 steps below to earn profit.


You can mine Bitsale with CPU/GPU


For mining Bitsale, download miner


Start mining Bitsale

Bitsale Staking Program

Investors will receive monthly interest rate according to the Staking Packages you join in. The more staking amount, the highter interest rate you will get. Interest will be paid daily and announced every day at 00:00 (UTC).

Staking Package

BSL 10-100

Daily Interest 0.9%

Duration 480 Days

Staking Lock Period(Days)

Staking Package

BSL 101-1,000

Daily Interest 0.95%

Duration 240 Days

Staking Lock Period(Days)

Staking Package

BSL 1,001-10,000

Daily Interest 1.05%

Duration 120 Days

Staking Lock Period(Days)

Staking Package

BSL 10,001-50,000

Daily Interest 1.1%

Duration 90 Days

Staking Lock Period(Days)

Staking Package

BSL 50,001-100,000

Daily Interest 1.2%

Duration 60 Days

Staking Lock Period(Days)

Staking Package

BSL 100,001 above

Daily Interest 1.3%

Duration 30 Days

Staking Lock Period(Days)

Affiliate Program


Gen 1


Gen 2


Gen 3


Gen 4


Gen 5

Smart Staking

We offer Smart Staking to give our investor the liberty to lend any amount they wish for any length of days. The period will be not less than 5 days and can last for maximum of 45 days with the daily profit up to 0.5%. Capital release and interest paying out will be made at the ends of the contract.

There will be no locking period but at a charge equal to 2% of the investment will be executed if investors terminate the staking before the set ending date. In this case, total daily interest also will not be paid out.

Daily interest at 0.5%

Airdrop & Bounty

The Bounty Campaign will run to the end of the ICO. Airdrop & Bounty Programs include:

BSL Language Campaign

BSL Singature Campaign

Facebook Campaign

Twitter Campaign

Instagram Campaign

Telegram Airdrop Campaign

Telegram Ambassador Campaign

Media/Articles/Telegram Channel/Blog Posts Camaign

Advanced Media Campaign

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MAY 2017

Lottery Market R&D

E-Commerce R&D


Blockchain R&D


Blockchain R&D

Release of Mobile Wallet, Web Wallet and Desktop Wallet

Staking & Internal Exchange Development

E-Commerce Drawing Lottery Platform

APRIL 2018

Start CrowdSale

Launch The Internal Exchange

Launch The Staking Program

JUNE 2018

Complete Global Online Lottery E-Commercial Drawing Website and Mobile Application

Propose to be listed on popular exchanges (Yobit, Coinexchange, Coinmarketcap...)


Launching Cryptocurrency Exchange

Marketing in Over 100 Countries